So you just started a ketogenic diet, and you feel bad.

You are tired, and you have a headache, you are easily irritated, and it is hard for you to concentrate.

Congratulations, you have the flu keto.

This is how people call it, although it is not a flu, nor is it contagious.

You just feel like you have the flu.

Most people feel some of these symptoms during the first week of a ketogenic diet, especially on days 3 to 5.

Fortunately, it is temporary, and soon you will feel good.

And what’s better, there is a simple solution that usually solves most or all of the symptoms in 15 minutes.

Continue reading to find out what it is!

Symptoms of keto flu:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating (“obtundation”)
  • Dizziness

The cause

The flu keto is caused by the transition that occurs when the body begins to burn fat for energy instead of using sugar.

Most symptoms are caused by a lack of water and salt, caused by a temporary increase in the production of urine as the body enters ketosis.

This can be corrected by curing the flu keto properly.

The remedy for the flu keto

The symptoms of the flu keto usually disappear by themselves in a few days, as the body adapts. But to eliminate them in 15 minutes, use this remedy. The first step is by far the most important, and often enough.

1. The remedy: water and salt

Salt and water Problems can be reduced to a minimum, and sometimes eliminated, by consuming enough water and salt.

For example, try adding half a teaspoon of salt in a large glass of water and take it. This can decrease or eliminate the side effects in 15-30 minutes. If it works, you can do it once or twice a day during the first week if necessary.

A brighter option is to take broth or broth, for example of beef, chicken or bone once or twice a day.

Learn more about electrolyte supplementation in the ketogenic diet

2. The extra: more fat

Normally, step one already mentioned is sufficient. But if you still feel tired and not so well, make sure you drink enough fat.

When starting a low-carbohydrate diet, taking a few fats is a safe way to go hungry and tired. You should never go hungry when you start a ketogenic diet. An adequate low-carbohydrate diet contains enough fat to make you feel full and energized, especially after eating.

This can accelerate the transition period and reduce the time you may feel discouraged when you start this type of feeding.

So how can you consume enough fat in a ketogenic diet? There are several options, but in case of doubt, add butter to everything you eat. Using our ketogenic recipes is another great option.

3. If necessary: a little more carbohydrates

If taking more salt and water (and fat) does not completely eliminate keto flu, usually the best option is to have patience. It is likely that any symptoms that persist disappear in a few days when the body adapts to eating ketogenic and becomes a fat burning machine.

If necessary, it is possible to consume some more carbohydrates and make the transition to this type of food more gradual and paused.

This is not recommended as a first option, since it slows down the process and makes weight loss and improved health less visible immediately. But it can certainly eliminate the remaining symptoms of keto flu.

4. Keto Supplements

As for the last tip I can give you, is that in some cases it is necessary to complement your diet so your body receives all the nutrients that are required.

In my case used one Keto Supplement that helps me throw this first week if you are interested I let you the link below, I only recommend things that I used and I am happy with the results.

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